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Lime Pound Cake Recipe

Lime Pound Cake

By Jamallah Bergman

This easy to assemble cake has a lovely moist texture and a bright fresh lime flavor

Bacon,Egg and Tomato Club Sandwiches Recipe

Bacon,Egg and Tomato Club Sandwiches

By Jamallah Bergman

I love sandwiches....who doesn't honestly. I love to find different ideas for sandwiches and this one...

Key Lime Cake Recipe

Key Lime Cake

By Altheria McIntyre-Perry

I made this cake a few times for family gatherings, and for my husband. Everyone thoroughly...

Old Fashioned Chicken and Rice Soup Recipe

Old Fashioned Chicken and Rice Soup

By Jamallah Bergman

Now who doesn't love chicken and rice soup....especially when its cold out and you wanna be...



By Bea L.

Chocolate, caramel and nuts...that's what I'm talking about! These will melt in you mouth. These are...

Mom's Mini Pecan Pies Recipe

Mom's Mini Pecan Pies

By Debbie wright

These are pure Holiday for me. Growing up my Mom would only make these at Christmas...

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

By Carrie Tuck

I make this every year for a work party. A double batch is gone before everyone...

Magic Peach Cobbler (or any fruit) Recipe

Magic Peach Cobbler (or any fruit)

By Traci Coleman

This recipe is for peach cobbler, but you can substitute the peaches with other fruit -...

Cavatini Recipe


By Traci Coleman

My Aunt Linda used to make this as the main dish for her Super Bowl potluck...