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Pistachio Nut Cake Recipe

Pistachio Nut Cake

Laura Davis
By Laura Davis

"This cake uses yellow cake mix, instant pistachio pudding and it's covered with a pistachio flavored...

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Valentines Day Orange Chocolate Creams Recipe

Valentines Day Orange Chocolate Creams

Anthony Nicometi Jr
By Anthony Nicometi Jr

Sometime last winter, I found myself attempting to make a small batch of peppermint patties, and...

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Cucumbers & Onions in Vinegar Recipe

Cucumbers & Onions in Vinegar

Fran Miller
By Fran Miller

This super-quick side dish is found on many supper tables in my beloved West Virginia throughout...

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Girl Scout Cookie Crunch Bars Recipe

Girl Scout Cookie Crunch Bars

Daniel Rinaldi
By Daniel Rinaldi

I used to make these bars years ago for my daughter's Girl Scout troop meetings and...

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Pj's Taco Soup & Dip Recipe

Pj's Taco Soup & Dip

PJ Humble
By PJ Humble

I came across a Taco Soup recipe on FB, after doing a search online, I several...

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Spiced Cider Recipe

Spiced Cider

Baby Kato
By Baby Kato

I love ciders and this is a nice one. It's all about personal preference...the honey...

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