#Potluck Recipes

Potluck Mashed Potatoes Recipe

Potluck Mashed Potatoes

By Laura Yoder

Laura Yoder

This is a great "make ahead" recipe. It can be prepared the day before and refridgerated...

Calico Beans-Annette's Recipe

Calico Beans-Annette's

By Annette W.

Annette W.

Tired of chili? Want something sweet and savory that will stick to your ribs? Or do...

Tasties-Annette's Recipe


By Annette W.

Annette W.

Some call these loose meat sandwiches. In the Midwest or at least here in my hometown...

Maple Goodness Ham Loaf Recipe

Maple Goodness Ham Loaf

By Emily Fields Johnson

Emily Fields Johnson

This recipe was in a small community cookbook I recieved YEARS ago. I have made a...