#Potluck Recipes

Spinach Casserole Recipe


By Ellen Bales
Yummy side dish. Got this recipe years ago from my husband's cousin and have loved...

Cheesy And Zesty Carrots Recipe

Cheesy and Zesty Carrots

By Martha Price
I got this recipe from a little booklet entitled "Prize-Winning Vegetable Dishes". It is just like...

Apple Slices Recipe

Apple Slices

By mary Armstrong
Favorite recipe from Judy. These are the BEST. The secret to a crisp bottom crust is...

Brownies Recipe


By mary Armstrong
Mom's recipe. These go together quickly with ingredients that are always on hand.

Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake Recipe

Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake

By mary Armstrong
A favorite from my friend Betty, Betty Crocker that is:) I enjoy bringing this to work!...