#Poppy Recipes

Ooey Gooey Ham And Cheese Sliders Recipe

Ooey Gooey Ham And Cheese Sliders

By Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller

As if these gooey little mounds of ham and cheese are not wonderful by themselves, a...

Lemon Bread Recipe

Lemon Bread

By Debbie Guardino

Debbie Guardino

Another old friend passed this along to me many years ago and it became a favorite...

Hungarian Noodle Bake Recipe

Hungarian Noodle Bake

By Deb Crane

Deb Crane

This is a family staple at our table! What's there not to like? :) I found...

Poppy Seed Bread Cake Recipe

Poppy Seed Bread Cake

By K Amory

K Amory

I got this recipe from a co-worker back in the summer of 1999. She had gotten...

Creamy Poppyseed Dressing Recipe

Creamy Poppyseed Dressing

By Jo Zimny

Jo Zimny

This is really delicious with it's tangy sweet flavour. this dressing would go great...

Poppy Seed Bread Recipe

Poppy Seed Bread

By Zelda Hopkins

Zelda Hopkins

This recipe comes from the High School Cookbook. I have used a lot of these...

Poppy Seed Braid Recipe

Poppy Seed Braid

By Rise Ruhl

Rise Ruhl

This was one of our favorite treats growing up. My mom was an excellent cook,...