Picnic Recipe Picks!

Picnic Picks!

Delicious picnic recipes for the perfect outdoor feast!

Boursin n Grape Bruschetta Recipe

Boursin n Grape Bruschetta

By Monica H

Monica H

The combined taste of grapes and boursin is divine. I purposely left out the basil...

Cool Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

Cool Cucumber Sandwiches

By Michelle Cater

Michelle Cater

These are great sandwiches for picnics or for a cool summer brunch. You can make these with...

Chocolate Butterscotch Cereal Bars Recipe

Chocolate Butterscotch Cereal Bars

By Jenni K

Jenni K

These irresistable crispy cereal bars are perfect for your get togethers, office potlucks, or picnics! ...

Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

Raspberry Jalapeno Jelly

By Ann McCue

Ann McCue

I checked on the JAP site and didn't see this recipe so thought I'd post it....

Chicken Braid Recipe

Chicken Braid

By trudy stevens

trudy stevens

very easy, I make this for church picnics because it is so easy to make more...

Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe

Homemade Cheese Crackers

By Rhonda Wheeler

Rhonda Wheeler

You can use a mixer or a food processor works very well. Serve these with cream...

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad Recipe

Chicken Caesar Pasta Salad

By Fran Miller

Fran Miller

One of my "go to" recipes for covered dish dinners or a quick, light meal at...