#Peanut Butter Recipes

Peanut Butter-banana Nut Muffins My Way Recipe


By penny jordan
A heavenly treat of peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate all rolled into one tasty muffin. DIABETICS BEWARE...THIS...

Peanut Butter & Oreo's Cheesecake Recipe

Peanut Butter & Oreo's Cheesecake

By Cosette Khoryati
Delicious and rich cheesecake. Great reviews from people who tasted it, the best one was "This...

Chocolate Covered Ritz Crackers Recipe

Chocolate Covered Ritz Crackers

By Donna Geuder
With the buttery taste of the Ritz Cracker and the sweet taste of chocolate, these cracker...

Haystacks Recipe


By Kim Biegacki
I've been making these since I was a teenager. Grandma Campbell just adored these candies &...

Chinese Peanut Sauce Recipe

Chinese Peanut Sauce

By Kathy W
I like to serve this over pasta with steamed vegetables. Garnish with some diced cucumber.

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Squares Recipe

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Squares

By lisa smith
Is there any better flavor combination than peanut butter & chocolate? And is there anything easier...