#Party Recipes

Caramel Apple Butterfinger Bars Recipe

Caramel Apple Butterfinger Bars

By Sheila M
Apples, caramel and butterfinger... oh my! http://www.confessionsofacookbook queen.com/2013/09/caramel-apple- butterfinger-bars/

Reese's Christmas Trees Recipe

Reese's Christmas Trees

By Sheila M
I can't take credit for these. Just had to share, what a great idea! Source: http://sweetsimplestuff.com/2012/12/03/peanut-butter-christmas-trees-giveaway-winner-announced/

Cute Cookie Spiders For Halloween Recipe

Cute Cookie Spiders For Halloween

By Family Favorites
Another quick and easy cookie treat for your Halloween cookie tray. Easy for little hands to...

Chili Dip Recipe

Chili Dip

By Julie Merlich
this dip is always a hit at gatherings with friends and families. It goes well...

Next Generation Chex Mix Recipe

Next Generation Chex Mix

By Tam D
This is my own adaptation of the classic favorite, and it's peanut and gluten free! ...

Easy Spiced Caramel Nuts Recipe

Easy Spiced Caramel Nuts

By Tam D
Nuts are great healthy snacks. In a decorative cello bag, these would make great gifts...

Homemade Frito Lay Bean Dip Recipe

Homemade Frito Lay Bean Dip

By Connie Brannen
I love this one too.So does my family.Anything homemade is way better than anything the grocery...