#Parmesan Recipes

Meatballs Smothered In Mozzarella Recipe

Meatballs smothered in Mozzarella

By Victoria Ross
Preface this by saying this is not my recipe. Another I couldn't pinch from a website...

~ My Version Of Pioneer Woman's Meatloaf ~ Recipe

~ My Version Of Pioneer Woman's Meatloaf ~

By Cassie *
My mother was hungry for meatloaf, so I wanted to make something different and found this...

Caesar Salad Done Right ! Recipe

Caesar Salad Done Right !

By Angela Gray
My family loves Caesar Salad but the store bought dressing was lacking in flavor. This is...

Crab-artichoke Dip Recipe

Crab-Artichoke Dip

By Nicole Darty
A co-worker brought an extra dish of this into the office a few months back and...

Parmesan Red Potatoes Recipe

Parmesan Red Potatoes

By deb baldwin
I have been making this for years. Quick and easy to make and taste is excellent.

Sundried Manwich Pasta Recipe

Sundried Manwich Pasta

By Brad Heintz
"Improv" isn't just for comedians it is also for those who cook! Did you ever...

Bow-ties (bacon Wrapped Crackers) Recipe

Bow-ties (Bacon wrapped crackers)

By Gail Welch
These crackers will twist while baking thus earning them the name bow-ties. Great for appetizers or...

Tim's Grilled Cheese Italiano Recipe

Tim's Grilled Cheese Italiano

By Brandy Bender
My husband came up with this recipe one day because he was bored with plain grilled...

Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Chicken Parmesan

By Kim Biegacki
This happens to be one of my husband Anthony's favorite meals. I didn't have a recipe...

Ceaser Pasta Salad Recipe

Ceaser Pasta Salad

By nadine mesch
My daughter called yesterday. She will be coming home for the holiday from college. This salad...