#Onion Recipes

Mom's Ham & Beans Recipe

Mom's Ham & Beans

By deb baldwin

deb baldwin

Mom would cook this all day and the aroma was so wonderful when we came into...

Avo-Taco Pie Recipe

Avo-Taco Pie

By deb baldwin

deb baldwin

This recipe was way back when my girls were little. They just loved this "pie". Everyone...

Green Onion Bread Recipe

Green Onion Bread

By deb baldwin

deb baldwin

This bread is really different. The first time I made it I was confused about what...

Turkey Dressing -Giblet Recipe

Turkey Dressing -"Giblet"

By deb baldwin

deb baldwin

This is for my daughters. Just in case one of these days they will say "I wish...

Garlic Onion SwissBurgers Recipe

Garlic Onion SwissBurgers

By Malinda Jackson

Malinda Jackson

I got tired of making regular almost unflavored burgers and my kids were getting tired of...

Wide Mouth Burger Recipe

Wide Mouth Burger

By Sherri Williams

Sherri Williams

Who doesn't like a burger! Enjoy this mouth watering wide mouth juicy all american...