#Nutty Recipes

Georgia Cornbread Cake Recipe

Georgia Cornbread Cake

By Millie Johnson

Millie Johnson

I learned how to make this wonderfully delightful little cake when I was cooking at a...



By Ellen Bales

Ellen Bales

I adopted this orphan recipe. Poor thing--nobody wanted it, but it sounded so good I decided...

Fruit Cake Cookies Recipe

Fruit Cake Cookies

By Judy Martin

Judy Martin

A friend in the late '70s gave me this recipe. I have enjoyed it for years...

Deviled Ham Spread Recipe

Deviled Ham Spread

By Judy Martin

Judy Martin

This is a recipe a friend gave me years ago. They are a different finger food...

Frozen Fruit Salad Recipe

Frozen Fruit Salad

By Judy Martin

Judy Martin

Years ago our preacher's wife always brought this frozen fruit salad to gatherings. We could depend...

Favorite Rugelach Recipe

Favorite Rugelach

By Amy Scotti

Amy Scotti

I love rugelach and so does my family! It's a Jewish favorite pastry. Don't...

Jan Hagel Cookies Recipe

Jan Hagel Cookies

By Carrie Halliday

Carrie Halliday

My mom made these every year when I was growing up, the memories of her baking...

Didi's Baklava Bars Recipe

Didi's Baklava Bars

By Didi Dalaba

Didi Dalaba

This is my adoption of an amazing original recipe from the BC website! I made...