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Homemade Lye Soap

By Pat Campbell fillemup

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Pat's Story

Run across this recipe while trying to clean out some old handwritten recipes and trying to decide what to keep. I have never made soap myself, but have watched my grannie make it years ago. Am going to try this when it cools off some outside, dont think I want to mix it up in house.The recipe calls for pure white, salt free lard. Can you still buy (lard in grocery store)? My grannie done laundry, in old wringer type washer and tubs, she was very proud of them. She also washed her hair with lye soap and had beautiful long, shiny hair. Remember a few times had mouth washed with lye soap.


5 lb
pure white, salt free lard
2 pt
1 can(s)
1/2 box
1/2 c

Directions Step-By-Step

Melt and strain lard through colander. Dissolve lye in water in crock. Do not handle lye or inhale vapor. Stir lye and water until thoroughly dissolved, Being sure to stir lye into the water, and not dumping water onto lye in the crock.
Add warm melted lard to lye water. Stir evenly and constantly till somewhat thickened. Then add borax and ammonia. Stir slowly for 5 minutes till well mixed and thick, like honey.
This may be left in crock to harden or poured into wooden box lined with cloth, (such as linen or cheesecloth). When solid, cut into cakes or bars as desired.
Since I have not made soap myself, wonder if possible to add scented oils. My grannie washed her hair with lavender scented lye soap. Just wondering if anyone out in Just A Pinch Kingdom knows.

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    Bea L. BeachChic - Aug 12, 2012
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    Bea L. BeachChic - Aug 12, 2012
    I can remember in the old days people making this soap. I used to buy it at our church bazzar because I loved washing my iron pans with this soap. I'm not sure about using scented oils in it. I do know that I wouldn't wash my hair with it though because I have dry hair. Maybe it would be okay on oily hair but I wouldn't try it myself.
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    Barbara Pendley Barbee - Aug 12, 2012
    Not sure I will actually make this, but I sure do love to save old timey recipes like this one. Thanks for sharing...
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    Pat Campbell fillemup - Aug 12, 2012
    Hello o everyone tshat posted on my Lye Soap recipe!! As I said, I remember my Grannie washing her hair with this soap, and her hair smelling of, what I now know as Lavender, so I thought it was the soap. Since I have never made the soap, only watched it being made, I thought perhaps that it could be scented, maybe just to place in pretty soap dish,and tie a pretty ribbon bow around it, just to look pretty. Im laughing because I am watching THE WHO concert, after the closing ceremonies (is that spelled correctly)? for the olympics, and I caught myself trying to type in time to the music!! And for Barbee, I belive I have an old recipe, that my daughter found in a library in Texas, circa, 18....something,"will have to FIND it, that was reportedly found in the White House, I do not remember the president. I know, just enough to be annoying. I promise I will find recipe and I will post with all pertinent info. Again, thanks everyone for the post.
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    Bea L. BeachChic - Aug 13, 2012
    I'm glad I saw this recipe, Pat. I've always wondered what the ingredients were. I remember my in-laws made it whenever they killed hogs and I can still see someone stirring it with a large wooden paddle in a wooden washtub. I also remember it smelling very! I sure enjoyed eating the fresh hams though. Yum!:)