Toenail Fungus Treatment

Reah Simmoneau Recipe

By Reah Simmoneau peppa4876


I have used this personally and know it works, I am a nurse and was very skeptical when told about this however I did not want to use the prescription medications that are available due to the possible side effects.

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vicks vapor rub

Directions Step-By-Step

Rub Vicks Vapor Rub onto the effected toenail and surrounding tissue every night before bed until the infected nail grows out and the brown area has been cut off. I was amazed but I have been doing this and the nail that is growing in is fungus free and mine is almost completely grown out after 4 months.

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Leila Rockwell leilaroc
Jan 1, 2012
Reah, I know some one that really needs this treatment and will print it off and give it to him. Thanks for posting it.
Bobby Smith bj46
Jan 1, 2012
My hubby had this same problem for a few years. The doctor kept giving him prescriptions, but none ever worked, and some had side effects. I had heard somewhere about using distilled vinegar for the fungus. He used that on his nails every night for about 3 months. Been fungus free for over 3 years. If that had not worked for him, then the Vicks was next on the list. LOL. So happy yours is working for you. So much safer. ( and cheaper)
Reah Simmoneau peppa4876
Jan 2, 2012
Leila, glad I could help. I had never heard that one Bobby but nice to know, thanks!
debbie cable mookie1111
Feb 28, 2012
you are so right!!!
my best freind told me of vicks and it worked so fast!!
everybody needs to have vicks in there house. the doctor said it would take 1 year to grow out, gone in 6 months! now i use it every night and never got fungus again, and i am prone to infections! 10 years fungus free!!
Lee Ann Van Schoick packrat54
May 17, 2012
Hi! I know this is an older posting but I wanted to add another treatment that is working. I was told to swab the infected nail and surrounding tissue with Tea Tree Oil. I is working but not as quick as you indicate for the vicks. I will give that a try also.