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Pet Stain/ Odor Remover For Carpet

By Mandy Bidwell mandylovestocook

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Mandy's Story

I use this for my carpets! No pet stains here But i put it in my shampooer and waaa la! It freshens and my carpets look awesome! It works great


16 oz
1 tsp
dawn liquid dish soap
1 Tbsp
baking soda

Directions Step-By-Step

In bucket mix all together. Add about 8 cups of warm water. Clean
***DO NOT STORE can explode....(result of chemical mixture) This is GREAT!

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  • user
    hilda white hildajane - Oct 21, 2011
    hello Mandy, I was wondering is it safe to use on dark colored carpet. thank you.
  • user
    Mandy Bidwell mandylovestocook - Oct 21, 2011
    Test a small hidden area first! My carpet is gray and it worked wonderful. My mom tried it and her carpet was dark green with good results. But be safe.....small spot first!
  • user
    sherry fry smedley - Dec 4, 2011
    I have used this for when I had a cat with kidney failure. The recipe I have calls for CLEAR ANTI BACTERIAL hand SOAP (not hand sanitizer). With cat urine I found that I had to do 2 applications in some areas but trust me, after spending over $100.00 on commercial products that all FAILED, this WORKS!!!!!!
  • user
    Bonnie Martin Bonniescookingnow - Mar 4, 2012
    Is it best to put a small quantity in your cleaner and refill, since it can explode?
  • user
    sherry fry smedley - Mar 4, 2012
    Bonnie, if you intend to use all of the product in one day it will be alright if you set some aside until you need more. I have found that you just can't store it for more than one day. I tried to keep it for a couple of days in a spray bottle and it just kept leaking out of the spray nozzle.