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Pet Stain/ Odor Remover For Carpet

By Mandy Bidwell mandylovestocook

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Mandy's Story

I use this for my carpets! No pet stains here But i put it in my shampooer and waaa la! It freshens and my carpets look awesome! It works great


16 oz
1 tsp
dawn liquid dish soap
1 Tbsp
baking soda

Directions Step-By-Step

In bucket mix all together. Add about 8 cups of warm water. Clean
***DO NOT STORE can explode....(result of chemical mixture) This is GREAT!

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lauren kaufman jamblu
Jan 15, 2013
This is a GREAT stain remover. It is the only thing that worked for me. Thanks!
Mandy Bidwell mandylovestocook
Mar 4, 2012
I hope this works for you Bonnie! I love it! :)
Bonnie Martin Bonniescookingnow
Mar 4, 2012
Thanks, Sherry! I'm gonna mix this up tomorrow and try it.
sherry fry smedley
Mar 4, 2012
Bonnie, if you intend to use all of the product in one day it will be alright if you set some aside until you need more. I have found that you just can't store it for more than one day. I tried to keep it for a couple of days in a spray bottle and it just kept leaking out of the spray nozzle.
Bonnie Martin Bonniescookingnow
Mar 4, 2012
Is it best to put a small quantity in your cleaner and refill, since it can explode?