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Catherine Thompson Floyd Recipe

By Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414


I hate reaching into the oven and ouch! A grate burn on my arm. Grab a pan that you forgot was heating on the stove-a memory forever? No! This burn remedy has worked for me for years. It has saved my grandchildren, my sister and others days of agonizing pain. It works. IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY. Stray from the instructions and it probably won't work. Great to know for grilling, baking and general kitchen cooking. Curling iron, hot pressing iron burns? No problem! Take remedy when you go camping.

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1 pkg
baby powder
bundle of paper toweling or box of tissues, cloth
roll of tape or way to fasten
prayer to our lord!
glove, as large as possible, optional

Directions Step-By-Step

Get burn by accident. Say prayer! Douse the burned area with baby powder, as thick and deep as possible around the burned area using paper towel, tissue, cloth or slipping hand into glove. Do this as quickly as possible.
Tape down the tissue, toweling, cloth or wrist edge of glove to keep powder from leaking out. Go about business as usual. Don't get this wet!
If burn is severe, keep powdering area, keep area covered for more than a day. For normal kitchen/grill/oven burns, usually less than 6 hours, always keeping a thick layer of baby powder against burn is all you need.
Start checking in an hour if burn is not bad, 4 hours or so if burn is worse. If blistering is not apparent, keep the powder against the burned area for like another hour or so. Remove powder by wiping away the powder and washing area gently. Area may be red and may sting for a little while, but no burn will be there. It will be gone! (if charr or burn is there, you didn't leave it on long enough, of course!)
I know this sounds strange. It works, if you keep a thick layer of powder against that burn for awhile you will be so happy!!! I once put a honey bear in the microwave when I was sick and coughing hard. I didn't realize how much time I put for heating it, and when I grabbed the bear he exploded in my hand. I quickly washed off the honey, grabbed the powder and powdered away. Thick. I slid my hand into a glove and powdered heavily. It hurt so bad... I went to bed and tried to sleep and when I woke up, maybe 5 hours later, I looked at the burn. All where the powder was able to touch the burn area was just red and no pain at all, no blistering or redness in a short time. Around my wrist where the powder didn't reach I had a terrible burn to deal with for weeks.
Don't wash unless you need to remove hot, sticky substance like this honey. Don't put any ointment, water, soap or anything other than powder. Remember to put the powder on as thick as you possibly can and just wait. Even if area is dirty, don't wash unless it is absolutely necessary. It may prevent remedy from working. Just wipe away ash and soot or leave as is and apply powder!
Why does this work? Burns happen. We usually apply cold water, sealing in the heat. The heat has no where to go except deeper into the flesh, to the bone, where it gets reflected back to the surface. Double effect of the burn. The powder draws out the heat instead. This is why the deeper the amount of powder against the burn the better. Worried about infection? Worse problem with infection if burn is not treated this way. Skin looks normal, no blistering, no redness, no pain quickly.
I earned an RN degree. I would never lead you astray! Be safe and prevent burns in the first place. If a burn happens, use this remedy!

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Bernice Mosteller candychristmas
Jun 27, 2012
Thank you Catherine for the safety tip. Always good to know these things. May GOD BLESS you for sharing.
Sue Lunsford suesmynamebakinsmygame
Jun 28, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 - J Wex shared this recipe with discussion groups: CAT LOVERS CORNER! For Diabetics The Pampered Pooch
Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414
Jun 30, 2012
I really believe for every thing that is a "negative" there HAS to be a "POSITIVE" to counteract it somehow. Finding that positive, now that is where it gets hard! The recipe I wrote should just had said, make sure you powder that burn really, really good and make that burn soak in that powder for a few hours! How's that for a shortened version!
virginia parrish virginiaann
Jul 5, 2012
Thanks! hope I can remember this if I need it cause the sooner it is powdered the better I think. I like the shortened version :-)
Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414
Jul 10, 2012
I think you will remember! Burns hurt so!
Gloria Glackman Gloria_Glackman
Aug 7, 2012
I had to have a skin graft and where they took the good skin is like a burn. They put a clear dressing on it. It didn't hurt. But a corner came loose and boy did it burn the minute the air hit it. My guess is the powder keeps air from hitting it.
Catherine Thompson Floyd Catherine5414
Aug 7, 2012
That could be. I hope that you healed or are healing just fine. Sin graft...that sounds painful.