Lemon Balm - Lavender Bug Spray

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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255


Lemon balm and Lavender join to make one powerful bug repellent. Life with out bug bites or chemicals, WOW! It must be heaven. Needs to be re applies every hour or so.

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fresh lemon balm (enough to fill a qt jar but not stuffed)
fresh lavender (enough to make the jar really full)
1 c
apple cider vinegar (enough to cover the herbs in the jar)

Directions Step-By-Step

Crush with fingers the fresh lemon balm and stuff into quart jar. Add lavender. Cover with apple cider vinegar.

Shake or stir every day for 7 days.

Strain and pour into a spray bottle. Store in cool, dark place. will keep for the season.

Some substitutions: catnip, lemon grass, eucalyptus, lemon eucalyptus, lemon thyme, mountain mint, and jewelweed.

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Sheri Hillenbrand shillen
Jul 7, 2011
I just love your natural remedies. Thanks for posting them.
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 7, 2011
You're welcome Sheri
virginia parrish virginiaann
Jul 8, 2011
I love natural remedies to,is this to be sprayed on people or bugs? thanks Also do you know a natural spray to kill beetles in the house that does not have to have to be sprayed directly on bug on the bug?
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Jul 9, 2011
you spray on you and your cloths, and bugs if you wish. It is more that these don't like the smell, so they stay away
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