Hand made Halloween lamps

Irisa Raina 9


I made these lamps for my sister.

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two mason jars
play sand
spray glue
ring light fixtures
halloween material
wired halloween ribbon
lamp shades from the craft stores

Directions Step-By-Step

Spray the jars " out doors " one at a time with the spray on glue and cover with the material, bringing the material up to the top of the jar.
Spray the shades one at a time with the glue and carefully smooth the material over making a seam by overlapping the ends, going up what will be the back of the shade, let dry.
Once this has dried, cut any material that is longer than the top of the jar. You'll want to make this neat.
Fill the jars with play sand and then screw on the light fixtures, add a light bulb and put the shades on.
Get some 3 inch wide wired ribbon I used about 18 inches in length, and tie it around the ring and make a bow and make sure you have enough ribbon to make streamers.

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