chicken wire basket Recipe

chicken wire basket

Sandy Mika Recipe

By Sandy Mika

This one was for a bridal shower .I also wrap these in cellophane and tie it with a big ribbon bow.
I will try to make one tomorrow so I can take step by step pictures.

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5 Hr
No-Cook or Other


roll chicken wire
wire cutters
spray paint
gluegun & glue sticks
ribbons, flowers, bows, grapes
can clear spray adhesive
white glitter dust (for optional sparkle)

Directions Step-By-Step

straighten chicken wire out, measure for the size you would like, cut wire .
scrunch wire at both ends and bring ends together and twist to join together,(you can use extra wire to help secure this)
check for center of bottom front , pinch to mark bottom point of heart. fold and scrunch into heart shape.
At bottom of basket weave a small dowel through chicken wire from front to back on both sides, (this is for support)
spray paint basket, and let paint dry.spray with adhesive and sprinkle with glitter dust.using your glue gun decorate with foilage and flowers and ribbons and bows, basically anything you like. for mothers day I like flowers and butterflies, birds and strings of pearls , anything works, whatever is pretty to you.
I do these baskets for Christmas, Mothers day, Easter, weddings, bridal showers , baby showers,house warming gifts, whatever you would like, just depends on how you decorate it, and what you put in the basket.
In this one I put 2 bottles of wine , a swan candle holder with a candle, and a couple of wine glasses, a card, and small box of chocalates.

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