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By Stormy Stewart karlyn255

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I was experimenting with an old recipe and did some changes and WOW!


1 tsp
grapeseed oil ~~~this is oil bought in th e oil section not essential oil
1 tsp
real lemon lemon juice

Directions Step-By-Step

in a small bowl mix the two and wait an hour. It starts to gel.
Apply with a q-tip to your nails and wait 5 -10 minutes. Then you can just rub your nails lightly on the inside of your other palm to take off excess and go about your business.
It leaves behind a nice sheen. I did this yesterday three times. this morning my nails are stronger and not chipping. when I used a nail clipper I noticed they were a lot harder also. and they didn't bend when I tapped them on the table.
So I am doing a test. Morning and night for a week. will let you know what I find out.
I found this that may help

Onychoschizia or splitting of the fingernails is a common problem seen by dermatologists. The term onychoschizia includes splitting, brittle, soft or thin nails. Onychoschizia is more common in women.

Only very rarely are internal disease or vitamin deficiencies the reason (iron deficiency is the most common). One tip is that if the fingernails split, but the toenails are strong, then an external factor is the cause. Basically brittle nails can be divided into dry and brittle (too little moisture) and soft and brittle (often too much moisture).

The usual cause is repeated wetting and drying of the fingernails. This makes them dry and brittle. This is often worse in low humidity and in the winter (dry heat). The best treatment is to apply lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids or lanolin containing lotions such as "Elon" (by the "Dartmouth" company) to the nails after first soaking nails in water for 5 minutes.

Wearing gloves when performing household chores that involve getting the hands wet is very helpful in preventing brittle nails. Cotton lined rubber gloves can be purchased in stores.

If soft, consider that the nails may be getting too much moisture or being damaged by chemicals such as detergents, cleaning fluids and nail polish removers (the acetone containing removers are somewhat worse than acetone free). Some feel that once a week application of clear nail prep once a week may help. Nail polishes with nylon fibers in them may add strength.

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Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Dec 18, 2013
let us know how it helped
Dec 17, 2013
Thanks, going pick up ingredients. I will start tomorrow..
Lora DiGs ansky714
Nov 13, 2012
Very interesting....PINCHED :)
Stormy Stewart karlyn255
Apr 28, 2012
Biotin is in the vitamin isle and is among other things a nail strenghtener. Unflavored gelatin is put in a drink like say Ice tea. To do the same thing. Tables are just swallowed.

I love putting 1 pack of unflavored gelatin in ice tea or coke. it thickes it a little and I use a spoon.Like eating your drink
Lynn Carlson OceanShell
Apr 27, 2012
Hi Storym, This is a fantistic item to post for all of us. I hope I seem to uneducated but I have a question. Is biotin a vitamin and
also what do you do with the unflavored gelatin, either the packets or the tablets. I feel stupid asking but. thanks alot Lynn