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Homemade Magic Eraser

By Amy Alusa amyalulsa

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Amy's Story

Have you ever used the "Magic Eraser"? Well, I have and it is indeed magic! However, incredibly expensive.


2 Tbsp
12 oz
warm to hot water
12 oz
white vinegar
your favorite essential oil (i used lavender)
24 oz
spray bottle (dollar store )

Directions Step-By-Step

You are going to mix this right in you spray bottle! Add the warm to hot water and the Borax. Cover bottle and shake until Borax has dissolved. Next add the white vinegar. Add as many drops of your essential oil as you would like (each one is different, therefore requiring different amounts to mask the vinegar smell). Lightly shake up and start cleaning

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Course/Dish: Soaps

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  • user
    Anna B. AnnaBrav - Jun 28, 2013
    I'm intrigued! I will have to try this :) Thank you for sharing.
  • user
    Deb Crane songchef - Jun 28, 2013
    Amy, did you try it out? I do like the magic erasers but like you said, expensive! I have everything needed to make this, so maybe I should clean today! :0 lol!
  • user
    Amy Alusa amyalulsa - Jun 28, 2013
    Yes, I have used this; although I did not have the essential oil. I think that that will only enhance it's ability to work well on woods, and times when it is useful to have that little bit of oil in it (kitchen cabinets and furniture especially). I am sure too, that it will enhance the scent!
  • user
    Straw's Kitchen GrandsBest - Jun 28, 2013
  • user
    Pat Duran kitchenchatter - Jun 29, 2013
    Another great hint Amy.Thanks.