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These important notes are taken from Cooking Light Magazine- and important to know.
"Microwave control pads aren't as confusing as the average TV remote, but they have a lot of buttons we don't know what they are for. If you don't know where the owner's manual is, here's a refresher course on some of the features."
I say:
We always seam to figure out how to work that TV control and the computer and Iphone ,etc.. but never quite get the microwave-so you just heat up left-overs- I hope this changes your mind about "cooking with the microwave".

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in most cases you do not really need 10 power levels. but it is worth knowing that power setting 10 cooks at 100% power, and settings 1 through 9 logically cook at 10% to 90% power. at lower power settings, the microwave pulses its energy source-the
standard defrost, or time defrost, lets you choose how long to defrost a food. the setting usually default to about 30% power(which aids even thawing and keeps the exterior from cooking). the auto defrost option is recommended for frozen meats
and fish. it allows you to specify how many pounds of a certain food you're defrosting and then automatically adjusts the power and time. the defrost setting is designed just to defrost,not to heat foods up or cook them.
build-in sensors measure humidity emitted from food as a signal of doneness. how fast foods get to the steam point depends on their weight and water content. most microwaves allow you to choose foods by type, like vegetables, potatoes(a vegetable,
of course, but starchy), and chicken or fish. depending on the model of microwave, the display readout may ask you to enter an estimate of how much your food weighs.
the reheat button is an automatic setting that uses the microwave's sensors to determine when the food starts steaming. it also helps prevent overcooking, which can dry out food and lead to overdone edges.

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Enjoy this easy kitchen appliance. It's your friend that does the time consuming kitchen work for you.

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Beth M. BakinTime
Apr 13, 2013
I have enjoyed my microwave so much, and some of the fresh foods that I cook in it that are my favorites are: fresh asparagus, fresh fish, and frozen vegetables. A small amount of water is all that I add,and it is so quick to prepare these, by covering with plastic wrap and venting on two corners of a microwave safe-shallow baking dish. Thank you for this information Pat.
Apr 13, 2013 - Beth M. shared this recipe with discussion group: Portuguese favorites
Pat Duran kitchenchatter
Apr 13, 2013
You so welcome Beth I love making my meatloaf in the microwave with my picante sauce. so moist and cooked in 20 minutes. I like using fresh vegetables in steam bags and baking potatoes and acorn squash with sausage filling too...
Straws Kitchen CinCooks
Apr 13, 2013
Thanks for all the tips Pat.
Maria * WWCook1
Apr 14, 2013
Although I don't use my microwave much this information will be helpful when I do use it. Thanks Pat!
Jul 30, 2015 - Pat Duran shared this recipe with discussion group: Microwave Magic.