Metal Pan Cleaner

Kimi Gaines Recipe

By Kimi Gaines kimijo

Prep Time:

Nadine Lee posted this quick tip on FB.


1/4 c
baking soda
enough peroxide to make a paste

Directions Step-By-Step

The "miracle" of baking soda and peroxide. Put 1/4 cup of baking soda in a bowl.....add enough peroxide to make a paste. Rub on with fingers or sponge. Cleans EVERYTHING! Stove, oven, pans, stainless steel applicances, even the white handles of the refrig door.

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Sapphire Ice SapphireIce
Jun 27, 2015
To keep my baking sheets like new, I cover them in heavy duty foil, then do as the recipe suggests (greasing, using parchment, etc), and it works perfectly and keeps my pans beautiful. If I get any grease spots from the rack on the bottom middle, I use a steel scrubber or wire brush & a bit of dish soap to scrub it off as soon as I see it. I also do this with my 8x8 and 8x9 pans. The biggest tip I can give is when you see grease spots on any pans - don't be lazy and leave them, thinking you'll clean it later. You won't, and it just builds up from there until you have nasty, embarrassing, pans. Tackle it when it's small and not an issue. :) (And usually, because they're little, they come right up with a stiff scrubber pad, or a steel scrubbie - my favorites are the ones that look like a ton of twisted up little slinkies. The one's from the Dollar Store fall apart so easily - and can clog your drain - so invest in good, heavy duty ones. I get mine from Amway in a 3 pack, called Scrub Buds, and that one pack has lasted me almost 10 years!) Okay, I'm done. ~steps off the soap box~ hehe
Catherine Ferensic bubbiedude
Jan 7, 2015
Would this clean nordicware sheet pans have half/quarter sheets(from walmart) I had other cookie sheets like in photo and I end up growing them out so I bought different pans because of this issue great topic Kimi haven't tried this yet thanks
K Wynn Katwyn100
Dec 25, 2013
Reading your tip was just like a Christmas present today!! Thanks so much. I had a wok-like pan with a white enamel interior that had been stained to a horrible color a year or so ago by some steamed asparagus water, and nothing I had tried had budged that stain, until I tried your tip! I'd felt so badly about that pan, but now it looks good as new again! Thank you! I'll be using it to clean my LeCreuset enamels, and probably dozens of other things too. This was one of the all-time-best tips I've ever gotten. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!
Donna Thiemann Angelfoodie
Dec 24, 2013
Thank you Kimi! I needed this and will be using this quite often. I love how it works! Pinched!
Family Favorites Quinnn
Jul 30, 2013
Used this yesterday on a 35 year old, much loved West Bend aluminum tube pan and believe it or not, it actually shines after all these years! Took some elbow grease, but maybe now I can get another 35 years out of it! lol Peg