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Jennifer's notes for this recipe:
I found this in one of my hubby's car magazines and had to try it. I totally love it! I will never go back to Windex again.
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Get a spray bottle that holds 16 or more oz. in it. Take your alcohol and pour it in the bottle same amount for you water and add your vineger. Does not streak and can clear your stove top, too.

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user Laura Spencer-Whitacre fuddbubbles - Apr 18, 2013
I sure can use this, thanks for posting, its time to do my windows, :)
user Melva Werner wildwillie - Apr 18, 2013
I use alittle dawn and water in a spray bottle and never streaks..Also use it on my mirrors...Hope it was okay to add my 2 cents :)
user Laura Spencer-Whitacre fuddbubbles - Apr 18, 2013
Melva, its always fun to learn new things. these are great ideas to try. xoxoxo, laura
user Kathy Montoya kalkat - Apr 19, 2013
I made this yesterday and it is the bomb. I used it on all my mirrors and to clean grease from the top of my stove-----thanks
user Elaine McCorkle Mimi19113 - Jul 23, 2013
I just found this recipe, made it and used it. It worked great. Will recommend to my friends. Thank you.

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