#Muffin Recipes

Lemony Sour Cream Muffins Recipe

Lemony Sour Cream Muffins

By Mary R Morris
My husband loves these.I often make them for him ,and add a light lemon glaze....I make...

Dianne's Tiny Donut Muffins Recipe

Dianne's Tiny Donut Muffins

By Leila Rockwell
This recipe is from Dianne and was on allrecipes. I have made it several times and...

Aunt Elaine's Swiss Cheese & Olive Delights Recipe

Aunt Elaine's Swiss Cheese & Olive Delights

By Denise McShea
This appetizer recipe came from my Aunt Elaine who lives in Newport Beach, California and I've...

Swiss Barge Recipe

Swiss Barge

By Deborah Walczak
Always looking for something quick after a long day at work to make for my family....

Cheesecake Muffins Recipe

Cheesecake Muffins

By Shannon Kropkowski
Made this recipe off hand because I couldn't find a good "mini-cheese cake" recipe. The mini-cheese...

Company Spoon Bread Muffins Recipe


By jamie Beecham
In our house we generally serve corn pudding on Thanksgiving but when my daugther got married...