#Mocha Recipes

Mocha Chocolate Cake Recipe

Mocha Chocolate Cake

By Sue Franco

Sue Franco

My entire family and my neighbors look forward to having a piece of cake when I...

Oh My Mocha Cookies Recipe

Oh My Mocha Cookies

By Debbie wright

Debbie wright

This cookie has a combo of two of my favorite things Chocolate and Coffee. They are...

Awesome Hot Cocoa Recipe

Awesome Hot Cocoa

By Donna Thiemann

Donna Thiemann

I have made this recipe for Christmas gifts many times and I hear back that not...

Mocha Marble Fudge Recipe

Mocha Marble Fudge

By Gail Herbest

Gail Herbest

I found this in a Betty Crocker cookbook I have, Had to give it a try. ...

Easy mocha brownies Recipe

Easy mocha brownies

By Stormy Stewart

Stormy Stewart

Getting your java fix can be tricky on the run, so I make these on sunday...

Betty's Frozen Mocha Refresher Recipe

Betty's Frozen Mocha Refresher

By Betty R

Betty R

When we girls get together at the pool on hot sunny day, everyone ask's where's our...