#Meal Recipes

Junkanoo Independence Cake Recipe

Junkanoo Independence Cake

By Olivia Russell
Junkanoo is an amazing Bahamian festival filled with music, dance, and crazy paper mache costumes! This...

Corn Dog Puppies (appetizer) Recipe

Corn Dog "Puppies" (Appetizer)

By Family Favorites
Growing up, I absolutely loved corn dogs. So what could be better than an appetizer-size version...

Paunhaus Aka Scrapple Recipe

Paunhaus aka Scrapple

By Bonnie Lockhart
This is a really old Pennsylvania Dutch recipe, that filtered down, or came up from the...

Chicken Cabbage Delight Recipe

Chicken Cabbage Delight

By Kathleen Hall
I made this last night, when using up leftovers in the fridge. Everything in it usually is...

Aloha Sausage And Peppers Recipe

Aloha Sausage and Peppers

By R S
This meal came about last night because I WAS planning to make stuffed chicken breasts but...

Down Home Okra Fritters Recipe

Down Home Okra Fritters

By Cassie *
My family loves these fritters with Chili, Red beans and rice, or just as a snack...

Summer's End Salad Recipe

Summer's End Salad

By Lyla Gray
At the end of my gardens' baring season I made this "Summer's End Salad". It's easy...

Diet Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Diet Cabbage Rolls

By Krista Hiner
Recipe by Caron Warner and Joyce Arbogast, friends of the family. We love these cabbage...

Meatball Sliders Recipe

Meatball Sliders

By Colleen Sowa
The kids said, "Grandma! I'm Hungry!" I looked to see what I had on hand, this...