#Maple Recipes

Maple Cornbread Recipe

Maple Cornbread

By Rachelle Teller

Rachelle Teller

A great sweet cornbread that is made with wheat flour, so it's very filling and satisfying....

Maple syrup muffins Recipe

Maple syrup muffins

By sherry monfils

sherry monfils

My daughter came up w/ this recipe one day when she didn't have much in the...

Maple Bacon Donuts (yummy) Recipe

Maple Bacon Donuts (yummy)

By marty olguin

marty olguin

My mouth is watering as we speak...these lil treats are so yummy and sinful...I'm a little...

Sweet Maple Simmered Sausages Recipe

Sweet Maple Simmered Sausages

By Victorya Richard

Victorya Richard

One of my favorite things for breakfast is sausage biscuits dipped in syrup, thanks to my...