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Orange Bbq Chicken Bites Recipe

Orange BBQ Chicken Bites

By Alicia .
So I had a pound of boneless chicken breasts and a fiance who complained that he...

Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Cabbage rolls

By Cynthia Weaver
Jewish cooking is truly inspiring and my friend's mom and aunts prepared some of the most...

Texas Mesquite Brisket Recipe

Texas Mesquite Brisket

By Sheri Mullins
My husband is asked to bring this brisket for all the family gatherings. He used...

Muffuletta Stuffed Burger Recipe

Muffuletta Stuffed Burger

By Diane Hopson Smith
This weeks sammie challenge included black olives and carrots. Olive mix and Muffuletta came to...

Kahuna Burger (seriously, The Best!) Recipe

Kahuna Burger (seriously, the best!)

By Jennifer Scott
I was remembering a scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules goes off about this Kahuna Burger....

Wowribs Recipe


By susan simons
This makes a wonderful, tender moist rib, that even when your full u come back for...

Darn Good Loaded Crockpot Bbq Beans Recipe

Darn Good Loaded Crockpot BBQ Beans

By Diane Hopson Smith
We love BBQ beans with steak, hamburger, chicken, pork or just about anything thing you toss...

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Beef Stroganoff

By Maria Espravnik
This recipe came with a chafing dish my parents recieved as a gift. So thanks Mrs....