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Chicken with Fire Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

Chicken with Fire Roasted Tomatoes

Sue Adame
By Sue Adame

We love Fire Roasted Tomatoes so what better way to use them but with chicken, some...

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Cool Cucumber Sandwiches Recipe

Cool Cucumber Sandwiches

Michelle Cater
By Michelle Cater

These are great sandwiches for picnics or for a cool summer brunch. You can make these with...

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Chicken Breast Lombardy~Robynne Recipe

Chicken Breast Lombardy~Robynne

Robynne Glenn
By Robynne Glenn

I have been making this chicken dish for several years and have shared it with family...

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Hogs in a  Sleeping Bag Recipe

Hogs in a Sleeping Bag

Brandy Male
By Brandy Male

These are awesome, Thank You Paula Deen for the recipe. Can use Jalepeno Kielbasa or cheddar...

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Southwest Chicken Chimichanga Recipe

Southwest Chicken Chimichanga

Geoffry Le Cher
By Geoffry Le Cher

These are EXCELLENT football food items, and since they are so easy to prepare, you won't...

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Buffalo Wing Garlic-Toasted Hoagies Recipe

Buffalo Wing Garlic-Toasted Hoagies

Kelly Williams
By Kelly Williams

The first time I ever had “buffalo wings”, I just about flipped!! What an awesome idea...

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Swiss Steak Recipe

Swiss Steak

Julia Ferguson
By Julia Ferguson

My Mom used to make the best swiss steak. This is her recipe with my addition...

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fish soup w/ savory plantain balls Recipe

fish soup w/ savory plantain balls

rosa rivera
By rosa rivera

this is a special puerto rican soup which is served in the best spanish dinners, also...

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White Chicken Chili Recipe

White Chicken Chili

Shauna Evans
By Shauna Evans

I love savory soups, stews, and chili--especially when the weather turns cold. This is a savory...

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