Main Dish Recipes

Bacon,Egg and Tomato Club Sandwiches Recipe

Bacon,Egg and Tomato Club Sandwiches

By Jamallah Bergman

I love sandwiches....who doesn't honestly. I love to find different ideas for sandwiches and this one...

Salmon Loaf Recipe

Salmon Loaf

By Elsie Perrett

This is great with a creamed pea sauce, which is basically a white sauce with peas....

Cavatini Recipe


By Traci Coleman

My Aunt Linda used to make this as the main dish for her Super Bowl potluck...

Jalapeno Popper Burgers Recipe

Jalapeno Popper Burgers

By Nelda Carnley

Jalapeno poppers are one of my favorite things to eat so I decided to combine it...

Grilled Mexican Citrus Chicken Recipe

Grilled Mexican Citrus Chicken

By Kathy Basik

My nephew CJ and I made this moist and delicious chicken for Dinner and Dominos night....

Steak Kabobs Recipe

Steak Kabobs

By Aurora McBee

This is a summer favorite of mine. I also frequently make these while we're camping.

Mexican Import Recipe

Mexican Import

By Tina Coulter

This Recipe has been in my family for at least 35 years! It's a hit every...

Easy Beefy Casserole Recipe

Easy Beefy Casserole

By Vickie Adams

Could easily be adapted to crock pot but I haven't tried it. All you need to...

Pasta Bake Recipe

Pasta Bake

By Heather Burns

My brother-in-law is 17 years old and will eat this until he is sick. He loves...

Chilaquiles Casserole Recipe

Chilaquiles Casserole

By Rebecca Lee

Exercising and eating healthier, got me searching for a healthy recipe for Cinco de Mayo. I...