Main Course Recipe Ideas and Cooking Tips

CrabbyMaters Recipe


By FH Browne

My mother made a variation on this during the summer in Michigan when her heirloom tomatoes...

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Wonderful Wagyu-Bacon-Foie Gras Wellington Recipe

Wonderful Wagyu-Bacon-Foie Gras Wellington

By FH Browne

Talk about the ultimate entrée. This dish combines some of the finer points of haute cuisine...

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Tuna Casserole Recipe

Tuna Casserole

By Tamila Freeman

This was my great-grandmother's recipe. My apologies on the measurements. I don't measure stuff too often...

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Garden Harvest Tuna Salad Subs Recipe

Garden Harvest Tuna Salad Subs

By Tammy Brownlow

Fresh garden veggies and herbs make for a yummy tuna salad sandwich. I added 10 minutes...

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