Ham & Cream Cheese Bagel Melt

Lisa 'Gayle' Goff


Sammie Challenge...Substitute any lunch meat and mix it up, These are a friends and family FAVORITE here at my house.

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5 Min
15 Min


2-3 Tbsp
cream cheese (not whipped, but flavors work well too)
2-4 slice
cheese (provolone, swiss or mozzerella work best)
2-4 slice
lunch meat (any kind you like)
2-3 dash(es)
spike (this is a great seasoning, if you cannot find it in your market use one of the mrs. dash seasoning with lots of spices)


olives (black, green, kalamata, even a tapenade or a mix of all is great too!
red onion (this would go on top not in the cream cheese so it cooks)
red, orange or yellow bell pepper(also a top item)
raw or marinated mushrooms
marinated artichokes
roasted red peppers
sun dried tomatoes
sun flower seeds
lemon pepper
jalapeno peppers
mix and match, be creative, make a lot and cut them as an appitizer lots of fun a tasty treat


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1Preheat oven to 400 ( I use my toaster oven when I am only making one for me)

slice bagel and smear with cream cheese

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2lay out olives (or any of the filling type items) onto cream cheese

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3place meat on now, not too thick or it will be cold in the middle so a couple thin slices or just one thick type slice.

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4cover with sliced cheese

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5sprinkle with SPIKE ( or Mrs. Dash )

6** add any topping type items (onion, raw peppers, sun dried tomatoes stuff that needs to cook, cause the middle will be hot but will not cook down an onion or pepper)

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7bake at 400 until cheese is melted the way you like it, I like it a bit crunchy and you can see but you can take it out at just melted and that's good too.