Savory Pies Recipes

Turkey Shepherd Pie Recipe

Turkey Shepherd Pie

By joeyjoan K
A turkey big enough for 20. Dinner cancelled because of snow. Turkey turkey everywhere, that is...

Deep Dish Pizza (mrd Style) Recipe

Deep Dish Pizza (MRD Style)

By MarthaRayDeen -
This is an entirely homemade recipe for a great Pizza Pie. You can substitute the topping...

Curried Ham Pot Pie Recipe

Curried Ham Pot Pie

By joeyjoan K
Another recipe from the Philadelphia Inquire recipe section published 29 or more years ago. This is...

Fettucine Pie Recipe

Fettucine Pie

By Trisha Valdez
Fettucine is used in our house instead of traditional spaghetti. More filling and better consistency in...