PORK CHOPS, BEAS BAKED CABBAGE w/ taters & carrots

Nancy J. Patrykus


While baking "BEAS BAKED CABBAGE" I decided to make a meal of it.And added pork chops, a few mashed potatoes and carrots to round out the meal. If you like cabbage, I urge you to try her recipe, and add what you want for a complete meal. Maybe sausage and peas. Chicken and corn on the cob?The combinations are endless. After you bake the covered cabbage 45 min. then add your half cooked & browned meat, and vegetable combination on the top of the cabbage. Cover and steam cook again, for 45 min. Uncover and bake again close to 1/2 hour...so some of the bottom juices are reduced.
Nancy 2/7/13

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4 servings
20 Min


1 head
cabbage...see beas recipe! uses.. olive oil, s&p,water,sugar, paprika, optional -red pepper flakes.
meat of your choice
potatoes...half boiled
carrots....half cooked. micro-waved


1Start with "BEAS BAKED CABBAGE" recipe on JAP.
Picture: Cabbage half baked,was covered,
45 minutes. at 370F

Pre-browned chops added.
Bake again,covered 1/2 hour.
2Add some half boiled potatoes. cut in half.
(I had some left over mashed potatoes,
I added on top of the chops.)
Add carrot pre-cooked in micro-wave.
Bake another 45 min.DONE, , covered.
34 servings ready to serve.
I had 1 for dinner...and froze
3 packages for a later meal.
4Being under the weather...
I really enjoyed thgis meal!
Gotta get my strength back.
Thank you BEA for your Blue Ribbon
Positively the very best!

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