Jodie's Red Chili Smothered Burrito Dog

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1 pkg hot dogs (10)
2 can(s) chili no beans (wolfe brand) (family size)
1 pkg flour tortillas (dozen)
cheddar cheese, shredded
sour cream
lettuce, shredded
tomatoes (chopped)
onions (chopped)

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JoSele's notes for this recipe:
This is a family favorite I came up with...We love chili dogs but were tired of the buns it is too much bread so I decided to try the Flour Tortillas and they were a big hit...Have been making these since the kids were little around the same time as the taco dogs...I don't have my picture up yet so am using a free picture till I have mine up...This is a burrito dog so cute
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Heat your chili up in a sauce pan, you can add 2 TBSP or sour cream to the chili while heating and reserve the rest to put in or on your dog burrito....Heat Hot Dogs on stove or in microwave....Heat tortillas on grill till they are warm....Prepare your toppings
On a dinner plate place your tortilla and hot dog, a little chili, a small amount of sour cream, a small amount of cheese, fold in both sides and roll turning seam side down and spoon chili on top...You can sprinkle cheese on top and eat or you can top burrito and chili with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, sour cream, cheese, and salsa....Enjoy

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user JoSele Swopes JODIE57 - Jan 28, 2011
JoSele Swopes [JODIE57] has shared this recipe with discussion group:
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user Christy Lowrance Christy122390 - Jan 28, 2011
OMG I love that picture!!! Oh .. and the recipe sounds awesome .. my daughter is going to LOVE these!!!
user Dana Ramsey DRamsey - Jan 28, 2011
Hi JoSele that picture is a hoot!
user JoSele Swopes JODIE57 - Jan 28, 2011
Thanks I thought this would represent the recipe till I have my actual picture up...I thought it was cute...I hope she enjoys it the way we much better than a bun too much bread....and dry

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