Indoor Pressure Smoker/Cooker Back Ribs

Rose Mary Mogan Recipe

By Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois

6 to 8 depending on appetite
15 Min
40 Min
Pressure Cooker

I made these great looking and tasting Back Ribs today in my new Indoor Pressure smoker/cooker, that my husband got me for Mother's Day. Judging from the taste & the length of time it took for them to cook I will be using it quite a bit this summer. That is 10 pounds of ribs on that platter that were cooked in 2 hours. It only takes 40 minutes to cook one slab. They are moist, tender, & juicy, and full of flavor, & falling off the bone good. My only negative complaint is that you can only cook one slab at a time. But at 40 minutes each, THAT'S NOT BAD. I LOVE THIS NEW ELECTRIC KITCHEN GADGET.


slabs baby back ribs
3 Tbsp
garlic powder ( no salt)
11/2 Tbsp
1 Tbsp
lemon pepper (no salt added)
1 Tbsp
white pepper
2 Tbsp
lawrey's seasoned salt
1 1/2 Tbsp
onion powder (no salt added)
3 Tbsp
brown sugar firmly packed
1 1/2 Tbsp
dried chive
1 Tbsp
chili powder
1 Tbsp
dry mustard
1 Tbsp
liquid smoke, (optional)
1/2 c

Directions Step-By-Step

Remove thin shiny membrane from back side of ribs. Combine all spices except liquid smoke, into a small bowl. Stir to mix. Generously season each slab of baby back ribs. Sprinkle with liquid smoke if using, and rub into meat.
Cut each rib into two bone pieces, and arrange on rack that came with cooker. Add 1/2 cup water to cooker. Position rack to fit inside cooker by following manufacturers directions. Close Lid. Program timer to 40 minutes, then press start.
In 40 minutes you have moist, tender, and juicy ribs. Brush Barbeque Sauce on ribs if desired & serve. Repeat the previous step if you have more than one slab to cook. Serve with your favorite sides.
This is a Mother's Day Gift that will keep on giving all year. My husband knows that I appreciate practical gifts that I can use, and this is certainly one of them. I can't praise it enough for it's efficiency, and performance. It is great for the busy mom that is always on the go, and needs dinner in a hurry. Sweet Baby Rays Honey Barbeque Sauce is my favorite, and the only one I prefer to use. This kitchen gadget is a great investment for time spent in the kitchen.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Pork, Ribs
Main Ingredient: Pork
Regional Style: American
Other Tag: Quick & Easy

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Nov 14, 2014 - Rose Mary Mogan shared this recipe with discussion group: Southern Cooks Unite
Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois
Aug 20, 2012
You are so Sweet Treena. Yes they are awesome and fall off the bone good. Very tender by using this method of cooking.I love this appliance. The Sauerbraten Burgers are also one of my husbands favorites, he chose the recipe years ago from one of my my many cookbooks and that was more than 17 years ago, we were only datring at the time, and now we are married. That lemon Chess Pie is so good. My husband is a city guy, and I am from the South and he had never had it before I made it, and he loved it so much, I won't even mention how many slices he ate. LEMON CHESS PIE By the way with Green Peppers on sale this time of year you may also like my Garden Stuffed peppers GARDEN STUFFED PEPPERS the last time I made 12 of them and didn't even get to take a picture, until I was packing the left overs for the fridge. So this time I will make them and take a picture before he gets home.Smile. I love it that my husband loves to eat a variety of cusines. I will look forward to your recipes in the near future. Great to chat. Do keep me posted.
Treena Cheveldayoff TreenaChev
Aug 20, 2012
Hi Rose Mary. Thank you for the links, I pinched them right away. We will be trying them all, and I'm really curious about the Sauerbraten Burgers, I think we will try those sometime this week :-) ill let you know, but I'm sure those will be requested again just looking at the recipe :-) I was also going to try the lemon chess pie, as both my son and husband saw that recipe and insisted i make that soon :-)

Once again, thank you so much, I will be posting some of my own recipes here soon, but needed more diversity, and yours were exactly what I was looking for :-) cheers to you :-)
Rose Mary Mogan cookinginillinois
Aug 20, 2012
Thank you Treena for your wonderful comments on my recipe. What a great way to wake up in the morning and find a comment like yours.It is 6:14 in the morning, and I really appreciate your positive comments. Here is an easy recipe you may want to try also: Sauerbraten Burgers Grilled Pork Chops Grilled Marinated Flank Steak These are just a few of our many favorites. Thanks again for your comments.
Treena Cheveldayoff TreenaChev
Aug 19, 2012
Hi. I'm new to te site becaus e of your recipe. I found it online for the pressure cooker/smoker. Our family and a group of friends said these were amazing!!!! The best we've ever had! ! What an incredible recipe, I will for surely be making more of your recipes :-) Cheers :-)