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Hubby always wants an egg sandwich and I get frustrated over just eggs and mustard, so boring!

So today, he asked for them and I decided to jazz it up a little...guess I did well because he ate it & said "MMMMMMM, this is really good"...

So while it's not a gourmet offering, it's easy, quick & pretty darn tasty!

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20 Min
10 Min


6 slice
bacon, chopped into small pieces
eggs, well-beaten
1/2 tsp
crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 tsp
1/2 tsp
mrs. dash original seasoning
1 medium
tomato, sliced in 4 slices, then in half
1/2 c
thinly sliced swiss cheese*
4 slice
12-grain bread
mustard (your choice of variety)


1Put eggs in bowl or glass measuring cup with seasonings. Whisk until well blended. Set aside.
2Chop bacon & fry until crisp. Drain off all the fat except for about 1 Tbsp. Spread bacon pieces out so they are all around the skillet.
3Pour eggs over bacon slowly so it doesn’t clump up. Fry until bottom is set, occasionally tilting skillet & using spatula to let the uncooked portion run underneath and get cooked. VERY CAREFULLY, use spatula to flip the entire mixture over (I had to cut mixture in half to flip). Fry a little longer until that side is done.
4Spread or drizzle some mustard on all four slices (how my hubby likes it), and then arrange the tomato slices to fit bread. Arrange ½ of the cheese over each sandwich.
5Slice tomato into 4 slices, and then cut each slice in half again. Slice cheese with mandolin (be careful)*.
6When eggs are cooked, cut the halves in half & place over cheese.
7Top with other slice of bread and enjoy. I cut the sandwich half diagonally, but you can leave it uncut.
8*NOTE: You can use pre sliced cheese if you wish and if you don’t want Swiss, you can use a different variety.

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