Cracked Pot Redneck Baked Beans

Prep Time:
Cook Time:

The "Cracked Pot" is actually a crock pot....LOL!

Nothing is more down home than the wonderful flavors of deep in the backwoods country cooking.


1 lb
ground beef, lean
1 c
onion, chopped
3 c
bbq sauce, your favorite (i use: sweet baby ray's)
2 c
light brown sugar, firmly packed
1 c
2 - 15 oz. can(s)
kidney beans, (1 light red; 1 dark red), drained
1 pkg
butter beans, frozen, thawed
2 - 16 oz. can(s)
pork & beans, undrained
1 lb
bacon, cooked crisp & crumbled
1 c
jack daniels or other whiskey

Directions Step-By-Step

In a 5 qt crock pot, combine meat, onion, barbecue sauce, brown sugar & water; mix well. Stir in remaining ingredients, cover & cook on LOW for 6 hours, or on HIGH setting 4 hours. Serve immediately.

If you're having a backyard barbecue, just reheat these in a foil pan on your grill. And you can make these in the oven, too. Just put the mixture in a 3 qt casserole dish, cover & cook in a 350 degrees F. oven for about 1 1/2 hours, or until hot & bubbly.

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Apr 21, 2012 - Stormy Stewart shared this recipe with discussion groups: Hot Crockpot Lovin' Magic in the Kitchen
anne girucky anne1959
Apr 10, 2012
I have tried these beans they are really good, especially if you did n't but anything out for dinner this a quick. I have not done it in a crock pot because I was short on time but, this with some corn bread and a side salad is a good meal.