"Best Ever" Pork & Sauerkraut

Michelle Koletar/Mertz Recipe

By Michelle Koletar/Mertz Mertzie


In my region, serving pork & sauerkraut on New Year's Day is a tradition, and for most of us, a must! This is how I have been making pork & sauerkraut for 20 years, and I always get told "mine" is the best. Everyone always asks me what my secret it. It is so easy; not sure why it turns out so great this way, but it does! I know people make it w/ hot dogs alot, but trust me the kielbasa gives it MUCH better flavor. Add as much kielbasa to it as you want.
Depending on the kielbasa you use, you may want to rinse off the sauerkraut 1st (reserve the juice to include) to lessen the saltiness.


4-5 lb
pork roast (can be any kind)
2 large
cans silverfloss sauerkraut, undrained
1 can(s)
polska kielbasa sausage links

Directions Step-By-Step

Ready for this difficult task? Ha. Trim pork of most fat, and season with fresh ground pepper. Place in crockpot.
Add sauerkraut and beer. Cook on LOW for about 6 hours. Add kielbasa links and cook for another 2/3 hours. I usually cook my pork & kraut overnight, then add the kielbasa in the morning. The pork will fall apart & become part of the kraut, which gives it wonderful flavor. That's it!!!
You can also roast a separate pork in a pan, if you want more to slice rather than just mixed w/ the kraut. Serve w/ mashed potatoes, corn, applesauce, crusty bread, & some horseradish on the side. YUMMY!!!

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Mary Raines cookinwmary
Sep 6, 2012
I'm was born in TN just across the border from Guthie Kentucky (where my mom was from) but was raised in Pottstown, outside of Philly in the land of Cheessteaks and Tastykakes!! In my teen yrs ended up in AZ & spent almost 30 yrs there. :/

Now I'm in beautiful San Diego, the land of Sand & Sushi! (& one of my local grocery stores sells Tastykakes!!! AND there is a place called Jersey Mikes that does a really good cheesesteak, but I always have to tell them cherry peppers are the correct choice of peppers) Needless to say, I'm done relocating cuz this is the place I wanna spend the rest of my days! & I think I'm gonna go w the dark beer. That's what I was leaning toward & that's what you said. So I guess I am a pretty good cook. Thx Michelle!!!
Michelle Koletar/Mertz Mertzie
Sep 6, 2012
Thank you, Mary! Gosh, you sound like a great cook! I LOVE your idea to use the kraut juice to boil the potatoes! I've never used Mexican beer, but that's a really good idea. To be honest, I am kind of a beer nerd -- I just like my lite beer. lol I always use Guiness for my corned beef & cabbage & a few other dishes, but in the pork & kraut, I honestly use Miller Lite. I swear. Where are your from in PA? If there's any PA Dutch recipes you're looking for, chances are I have them!!! So glad to hear from you, Mary!
Mary Raines cookinwmary
Sep 6, 2012
Do you have a preference in beer? I like to use mexican beer when making sausage, peppers & onions.

I also make a dish w sauerkraut (drained) onions, butter and smoked sausage or kielbasa and bake (long on slow OR quick on high). But anyway I always serve this w mashed potatoes, which I usually use milk instead of water to boil them in, and this time instead of pouring out the juice from the kraut, I used it to boil the potatoes. OMGsh!! They were sooooooo good!!! I can't wait to try yours! I am originally from PA and raised by my great grandmother who was PA dutch. Boy do I miss her cooking! She made her own ketchup!! Wish I had that recipe!! I'm almost to the end of your recipes and I don't think there is one that I didn't "pinch" Thx so much for sharing all your wonderful recipes!!
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Michelle Koletar/Mertz Mertzie
Mar 24, 2012
Oh, I make it every New Year's but all throughout the year, Annette! I love it so much, too! Do let me know how you like it if you try it this way. Hope you are feeling better!