An Elvis Sammie with a Twist

Jan W


This is my entry for the Sammie Challenge for August 19th, 2011. Ingredients for the challenge were dill pickles and frozen fruit.

I decided to build on Elvis Presley's sammie of grilled bananas and peanut butter, adding bacon and dill pickles. Sounded a little strange but it came out great! Even the hubby ate one and declared it "pretty good"...

Hope you'll give it a try and see if you think the King would approve! Thanks!

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15 Min


10 Min


12 Tbsp
butter, softened, divided
1/4 c
light brown sugar
large banana, frozen in peel
12 slice
hamburger dill pickles
6 slice
bacon, fried crisp & drained
4 slice
nature's pride nutty oak bread
4 Tbsp
creamy peanut butter

Directions Step-By-Step

Freeze one whole banana, in skin, until firm. (I left it in freezer for 2 days to be certain it was frozen solid.) Take out of freezer, peel, slice in half lengthwise and across, making 4 pieces.
Fry bacon until crisp; drain on paper towels. Set aside.
Spread peanut butter on all four slices of bread. Set aside.
In large skillet over medium heat, melt 8 Tbsp. of butter; stir in brown sugar until dissolved. Place banana pieces in skillet, leave just long enough for them to warm and be glazed. Turn over to glaze both sides. Arrange bacon pieces alongside bananas and heat until both are warm. Remove from skillet and put two pieces of banana on one slice of bread, top with half the bacon.
In same skillet, arrange pickle slices and cook a couple minutes, then flip over and do the other side. They should still be crisp but slightly warm. Remove from skillet; divide evenly between sammies, placing on top of bacon.
Top with other slice of bread.
Using 1 Tbsp. butter per side, spread the outside of both pieces of bread and put in skillet to grill the sammies.
Remove from skillet to plate, cut diagonally and serve. Enjoy!

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