A Real Irish Boiled Dinner

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1 smoked pork shoulder
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3 lb onions peeled and cut in half
5 lb carrots, peeled and cut into 2 inch pieces
1 large ruttabegga peeled and cut into large chunks
5 lb idaho potatoes peeled and cut in half
4 lb grey corned beef
1 large head of cabbage

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ginny's notes for this recipe:
Both my family and my husbands mother's hailed from Ireland. We have made this traditional Irish dinner for many Sundays and St. Patrick Day dinners. Enjoy!
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In the biggest pot you have, add the smoke shoulder and corned beef.Fill with water to cover meat. On high heat bring the meat up to a boil. Then turn down to simmer for 2 hours. Add ruttabegga and cook for 45 minutes. Then add onions and carrots. Cook for twenty minutes. Then add cabbage. Cook cabbage for 15 minutes and add potatoes. Cook all until vegetables are soft and meat is tender. Add water when necessary to keep meat and vegetables covered.
Serve with mustard or malt vinegar.
Place in multiple serving bowls: Slices of Pork shoulder, carrots, potatoes, cabbage wedges, corned beef, and onions. serve family style with crusty bread. Second day servings are even better when fried with bacon fat or butter!

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