Grandma's Polish "Haluski"

Dutch Reyveld Recipe

By Dutch Reyveld Dutchr

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This is an Old World thrift comfort food. We used to get home-made Kielbasa sausage when I was young from the butcher at Farmers Market. This is filling and children usually love it. It's what I call a "More" dish.

There are many versions of this and I came across a many-ingredient one concocted by Guy Fieri of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives fame. I'd like to try it and if good, I'll post that as well.


1 large
head of green cabbage
1 small
yellow onion
1/2 c
1 lb
box wide egg noodles
4 oz
1/4 c
sour cream (optional)
1/2 lb
kielbasa sausage, quartered then chopped
salt & fresh cracked black pepper

Directions Step-By-Step

Chop onion and cabbage coarsely. In a large skillet fry the bacon fairly crisp and discard most of the grease, add the butter and slowly make it brown. THIS is an important part. Cook the onion and cabbage over medium heat in the bacon/butter until it's soft, stirring as necessary to prevent burning. This will take quite a while and reduce by about 1/2. Cook the Kielbasa together with this.
While the above is cooking, boil the noodles to the instructions, drain well and when the cabbage mix is ready, mix it all together. You can now add the optional sour cream if you like.
I've added about a cup of well rinsed and drained Sauerkraut at times and liked that as well. Optional.

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Dutch Reyveld Dutchr
Aug 17, 2011
@ruth...Here's a link to pickled beets from Alton Brown, a Chef that I greatly admire. I doubt that you'd go far wrong doing them this way...
Dutch Reyveld Dutchr
Aug 17, 2011
You're more than welcome, Ruth...I don't do beets, but my Gran did Pickled Beets each year. It's one of those things like Okra...You either hate it or love it! LOL I like them very much...

That Haluski is a real family oriented dish. Each family would have their own special version, adding different things. I often add either Kielbasa slices or Smoked Turkey Sausage...
Ruth Ann Chopp choppsuey
Aug 17, 2011
Thank you for your quick response. I'll look at the recipe, however, I'm sure your simple approach and few ingredients will be the "one."

Do you do beets?
Dutch Reyveld Dutchr
Aug 17, 2011
Hi Ruth...No, I haven't tried Guy's recipe...It's more complicated and I'm a lazy kinda guy...Here's his recipe, if you'd like to try it:
Ruth Ann Chopp choppsuey
Aug 17, 2011
Hi from Michigan. I eaten this entree at a church dinner. The cook wouldn't say how she made it, but now, I have a recipe thanks to you.

Did you ever try Guy Fieri's recipe that you mentioned on a previous post for Haluski?"