special hot dogs

Rita Allen Recipe

By Rita Allen saska65

just a more fun way to have a hot dog that's all,and we like to do this on the weekends when we have family and friends over

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2 or 3 pkg
hot dogs
2 or 3 pkg
hot dog buns the good ones
2 or 3 pkg
bacon just a regular brand
2 or 3 oz
avocado made into wacamole
1 large
red onion chopped
1 1/2 c
mayonnaise w/ some hot sauce mixed in w/ it
a few dash(es)
horse radish
2 or 3 c
cheddar cheese, shredded
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Directions Step-By-Step

take hot dogs out of pkg. take bacon out of pkg.
using small tooth picks,affix end of 1 piece of bacon to the top end of a hot dog and wrap around the hot dog,affix other end to bottom end and do this to all of them.*
have your Fry Daddy or a deep pot w/oil in it,heating up and when to the right heat put,(not drop)dogs 2
or 3 at a time in and let them cook until the bacon is nicely crisp then remove to paper towels
*the best dogs to use here,are the jumbo hot dog or the smoked dog because while you're cooking the bacon crispy,the dog is crisping up too!(talk about a yum factor)
have everyone ready when they are done,(i keep them in a warm oven til all done)now you all just put them together w/ the side ingredients and make sure you have lotsa of napkins

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