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1 deer
7 wide mouth canning jars/lids/rings
2 tsp salt (to each quart)

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my husband being the avid hunter that he is, when my freezer was full to the brim, i had to do something with this deer, or lose it. wrong, didn't want that to happen, so, we took up canning it. it's great to already have your meat cooked ahead of time for stews, chili's, or just eat right out of the jar. my granddaughter takes it right out of the jar, and puts A-1 sauce, loves it.
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after processing deer (skinning, and deboning) wait about 6 hours. wipe meat with damp cloth; do not wash, this removes any loose hair. cut meat in sizes suitable for serving. pack raw meat loosely to within 1/2" of jar top. add 2 tsp. salt to each quart. (NO WATER IS ADDED TO MEAT) partially seal jars, just screw the lid on like you would returning a jar of jelly to the fridge, process 3 hours in hot water bath, or, for 60 minutes in pressure cooker at 15 lbs. pressure. remove from canner, seal lids tightly at this point. i turn mine upside down on several layers of old towels, on the floor, somewhere out of line of traffic.let cool there at least 24 hours.

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user deb baldwin messinthekitchen - Sep 28, 2011
I always like a new recipe for venison. Thanks for posting!
user deb baldwin messinthekitchen - Sep 28, 2011
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user Sue H Soos - Sep 28, 2011
This is totally the best...There is no meat that is quite as good as this. I had it the first time and did not know what it was. My aunt cooked it with noodles and mashed potatoes. It is so tender and has an unbelievable taste. If you try you will love it.
user Sue H Soos - Sep 28, 2011
I tried this recipe and say it's Family Tested & Approved!
user phyllis mcdaniel pjcrafty - Sep 29, 2011
so nice to come home, grab a jar of canned deer meat, and dinner is done in about the snap of your finger.

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