Fireman Bob's To all my Friends and Family,

Bob Cooney


To All of You who are my True Friends........

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24 Hr


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A year ago, back in January of 2013, I was laying in bed recuperating from Quadruple Bypass surgery… As I did so, I came across a website, it was in particular, a recipe site, named Just a Pinch.
I have been cooking for over 50 years now, and I thought it would be fun to post and look at the different recipes people all across the Country were cooking.
I joined free at first, and with the help of a great Lady, and she knows who she is, I became very interested in the site and began posting my recipes.
Due to the Heart surgery, I was limited as to what I could do for several weeks. I however found that with my Laptop, I could enjoy looking and finding great recipes from all across the USA. I joined my first group and with the encouragement of this fine young Lady, soon posted my first recipe to this “ Just a Pinch “ recipe site!
I had fun and met a lot of new friends and made many more friends along the way as I grew in my new found love of sharing the food that I have been cooking for a long time.
This past November, as some of You know, I came up limp with a severe leg and foot infection and was literally flat in bed from November 17th 2013 to last Monday the 10th .
I entered Just a Pinch’s’ Valentines Recipe Contest. Since I was unable to be on my foot, I used the internet and “ found “ a photo that best represented my recipe, a “ Valentines Trifle, as you all saw this past week, a photo that ended up to be the photo of another person’s recipe that just so happens to be a member of “ Just a Pinch “. De to the recent foot and leg infection, I was unable to prepare and photograph my Trifle, that is why I used the photo from the internet and was found on another site.
When I found out that I “ used “ this member’s photo, I immediately wrote an email and apologized for “ using “ her photo and explained to her just as I have done so here.
This member returned the email and understood and forgave me.
That, was last Sunday.
The following 7 days have been HELL for me.
I have record of all the emails, communications form Just a Pinch, other members and all their communications and concerns with this “ Contest .
What was said and what is happening now, I have never experienced in all my life!
I therefore am writing this letter to inform everyone that I have the “ original “ emails, letters, posts, and communications from the very beginning of the week, so I went through them, and as I thought, what has been messaged , emailed, and communicated to me today and yesterday, is an attempt to “ distance “ yourselves from me. I AM OKAY with that.

I KNOW the Truth..
I therefore also state that I will continue to post my recipes, and enjoy those “ real “ friends, and they know who they are, and share more of my food that I have been preparing for over 50 years.
I am “ MAN “ enough to apologize when I am “ wrong “ , and I have done so to the right people.
On my profile on Just a Pinch I have posted a couple of simple verses. Easy to read, HARD to understand for most.

John 8: 7-11
I am the first to confess I am NOT going to be first to “ throw “ a stone…

To ALL of You who support and understand that I make mistakes, I say, Thank You for that support and understanding.

Fireman Bob Cooney

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Main Ingredient: Non-Edible or Other
Regional Style: American
Dietary Needs: Kosher