Faye's Three-Ingredient Crockpot Beef Roast

Bea L. Recipe

By Bea L. BeachChic

My beach buddy, Faye Fuller, shared this awesome recipe with me this past summer and I have been making it ever since. I will get a photo the next time I make this.

I just couldn't imagine the combination of the ingredients but was pleasantly surprised. It's so easy and bursting with favor! I hope you try it and like it as much as we do. (Thank you, sweet friend). 12-14-13

Recipe Rating:
 5 Ratings
Several, depending on siize of roast
Prep Time:
Cooking Method:
Slow-Cooker/Crock Pot


beef chuck roast, boneless
1 pkg
dry ranch dressing seasoning mix
1 pkg
dry italian dressing seasoning mix
1 pkg
brown gravy mix
2 c


Place the beef chuck roast roast in crockpot. I like using a slow cooker liner for easy clean-up.
Whisk together the dry mixes.
Whisk in the 2 cups of water and blend well.
Pour over the roast. Cover and cook for several hours until tender.
NOTE: I start it out on high then, depending on my time and the size of the roast, I will turn it to low for the last couple of hours or so.
This is wonderful served with mashed potatoes or rice because of the flavorful gravy.