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Cheesy Spinach Lasagna Stacks

By Lynn Socko lynnsocko

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4 large portions
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Lynn's Story

Just another way to make lasagna. Prep time does not include resting time for homemade pasta.


your favorite pasta dough (or softened lasagna noodles)
32 oz
16 oz
mozzarella cheese, grated
6 oz
parmesan cheese, grated
fresh spinach leaves (washed)
mrs. dash tomato and basil seasoning
28 oz
can crushed tomatoes
15 oz
can diced tomatoes with oregano, basil and garlic, no salt added
4 oz
can tomato paste, no salt added
1 tsp
italian seasoning
1/2 tsp
dried crushed basil
1 tsp
granulated garlic
1 Tbsp
1 tsp
lemon juice
italian sausage links

Directions Step-By-Step

FOR SAUCE: Cut sausage links in half and boil for about 10 min. Remove sausage only to food processor and pulse to chop up sausage. Return to clean pot, add crushed tomatoes, diced tomatoes and tomato paste. Also add garlic, basil, italian seasoning, pepper, lemon juice and sugar. Stir well and simmer for 30 min.
If using fresh pasta dough, prepare it into 4 long wide strips. If using boxed, boil till easy to handle. Laddle just enough sauce to barely cover bottom of baking dish.
FOR EACH STACK: Place 1/3 of dough in baking dish with remainer hanging over the outside of dish. Spread on ricotta cheese, sprinkle with Mrs. Dash tomato and basil seasoning.
Add spinach leaves, and sprinkle with mozzrella and parm. cheese. Fold 1/3 more of dough over top and repeat steps. Fold last peice of dough over top.
Top with sauce and sprinkle with cheese. Bake on 400° for 30 min. Cool a bit then serve.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Other Sauces
Main Ingredient: Pasta
Regional Style: Italian

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Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Nov 16, 2011
*won't* make it runny, geezeeeeee
Vanessa "Nikita" Milare Kitkat777
Nov 16, 2011
Thanks Lynn. I have a few cans in the pantry.
Lynn Socko lynnsocko
Nov 16, 2011
I'm sure you could Vanessa, just drain it good so it would make things runny, bet that would be good! Thanks Juliann, next time I make this I'm gonna try fresh basil instead.
Nelda Carnley BamaNama
Nov 16, 2011
Thanks Dana
Dana Ramsey DRamsey
Nov 16, 2011
Nelda I bet you could as I make a tofu lasagna that I put frozen spinach in but as you said make sure you get all the water out first. I will probably try this with the fresh though. I love fresh spinach! Yum!