FRIED FISH FILLETS (Catfish, Swai, Flounder, etc)

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favorite fish fillets
sour cream
salt (for marinating and batter)
black pepper (for marinating and batter)
paprika (for marinating and batter)
canola oil or shortening

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Bea's notes for this recipe:
You can fry any fish this way. Our favorites in particular are catfish, swai and speckled trout. I saw this concept on one of the cooking shows but cannot remember which one. This also would work with fried chicken or pork chops.
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Wash fish fillets and set aside. My pic is swai this time. We also love catfish and speckled trout this way.
Mix together buttermilk and half that amount of sour cream. For instance if you are using 1 cup buttermilk then use 1/2 cup sour cream. This amount depends on how many fish fillets you are using so use your own judgement. Mix in salt, pepper and paprika and whisk until well combined.
Place fish fillets in a bowl with lid or ziplock bag and pour in the buttermilk mixture and refrigerate for at least one hour or up to several hours, turning the bag (or bowl) occasionally.
To fry: Put two plastic grocery bags together and put in the flour, salt, pepper and paprika. Combine together by gently moving the bag back and forth. Again use your judgement as far as the amount, which depends on how many filets you're frying. Add in the fish fillets. Securely close up bag by twisting top then gently shake the bag until fillets are well coated.
Take out fillets and shake off excess flour and place onto a cookie sheet. Get out skillet and heat up the oil or shortening you'll be frying them in.
Place in hot oil or shortening and fry to a golden brown or to your likeness. Be careful to not over cook.
Serve with tartar sauce, lemon wedges, vinegar or just plain. As sides we enjoy boiled or baked potatoes, slaw and hushpuppies.

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user Diane Hopson Smith DeeDee2011 - Oct 31, 2011
Yummy!! Bea I love catfish! Saved! Thanks for sharing!
user Sherri Logan Williams logansw - Oct 31, 2011
roy loves fried catfish fillets. i love any fish. i especially love fish with bones fried extra crispy. yum yum
user Bea L. BeachChic - Oct 31, 2011
Thanks, Diane. The combination of the buttermilk and sour cream just does something to the batter that makes it so so good.

Sherri, I haven't tried the boney fish with this yet but will at some point. I think this same concept works with pork chops, too.
user Colleen Sowa colleenlucky7 - Oct 31, 2011
Makes me wish I wasn't allergic to fish.... looks so good! xo

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