Cod Baked on Cedar Paper with Tomato Salsa

Andy Anderson !


This dish combines wonderful flavors and brilliant presentation, plus just the hint of infused cedar.

This is the type of thing that I would serve out in the garden on a wonderful Spring, Summer, or Autumn afternoon. When cobalt blue skies, and sun-bleached clouds create make-believe shapes for our pleasure, and the birds are singing a relaxing chorus from the surrounding trees.

It’s very simple to put together, but so yummy.

So, you ready… Let’s get into the kitchen.

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30 Min
25 Min




1 medium
ripe tomato, seeded and chopped
2 Tbsp
italian flat-leaf parsley, chopped
1 Tbsp
yellow onion, finely chopped
1 Tbsp
jalapeño pepper, finely chopped
2 Tbsp
lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 Tbsp
olive oil, extra virgin
salt, kosher variety, to taste
black pepper, freshly ground, to taste


cedar grilling papers (more on that later)
1 Tbsp
coconut oil
2 Tbsp
lemon juice, freshly squeezed
1 clove
garlic, minced
1/2 lb
cod (or other firm white fish)
some thinly sliced veggies, such as: bell pepper, onions, etc.


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3Gather your ingredients.

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4Place all the ingredients into a small non-reactive bowl.

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5Season with salt and pepper, to taste, and then cover and reserve.

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7Gather your ingredients.

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8Place the cedar papers in water for 10 minutes.

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9Chef's Note: Cedar papers are very thin sheets of cedar wood and cooking in them is sort of like cooking in parchment paper. You can prepare the fish inside the cedar papers on the grill, stove top or in the oven.

Here is a link to find them:

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10Chef’s Note: If you want to have some fun, soak the papers, in wine or apple juice.

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11Combine the coconut oil, lemon juice, and the garlic in a small bowl.

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12Place the fish in the bowl, and allow it to marinate for 30 minutes.

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13Chef’s Note: Turn the fish over, every 5 minutes.

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14Place a rack in the middle position, and preheat the oven to 375f (190c).

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15Remove the fish from the marinade, and cut into 4 equal pieces.

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16Place a piece of the fish in the middle of the cedar paper, add a few thinly-sliced veggies.

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17Chef’s Tip: Choose veggies that will give the dish some color.

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18Roll the cedar paper up and secure with some butcher’s twine.

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19Chef’s Note: Repeat for the other cedar papers.

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20Place in the preheated oven, and bake until the fish is cooked and easily flakes, about 20 to 25 minutes.

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22Remove from the oven, cut open the cedar, and spoon on some of the reserved tomato salsa. Enjoy.

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23Keep the faith, and keep cooking.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Fish
Main Ingredient: Fish
Regional Style: American