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Turkey/Chicken and Dressing Southern Style W/ Giblet Gravy

By Linda Woodham fancygran

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Linda's Story

This is my mothers recipe for dressing.I have tried to explain it the best I can in detail for first timers,cooking Turkey an Dressing. I was scared to death the first time I had to have Thanksgiving at my house after my mother passed away.Just glad I watched her and ask questions for years before I had to host my own dinner. Hope you enjoy.


turkey / baking hen
9" pan of corn bread
lg loaf of white bread
eggs, 2 hard boiled
1 medium
onion very small dice
celery ribs chopped very small
1 qt
chicken stock / broth
3 stick
3 Tbsp
2 Tbsp
poultry seasoning
1 Tbsp
creole seasoning
salt to taste
chicken bouillon cubes
4 Tbsp

Directions Step-By-Step

The night before making dressing bake corn bread,let set out all night,crumbled in bowl,to dry out.Pinch white bread in about quarter size pieces(the whole loaf)add to corn bread.You can cut off crust if you want,but it will disappear when it is all mixed up.
In the morning wash you turkey inside and out then pat dry. Rub him with 1 stick soften butter,breast side and back side, then loosen the skin on breast and slide left over butter under both sides of breast.Take 1/2 stick butter and put in cavity of turkey.Salt and pepper turkey heavily.
wrap turkey in heavy duty tin foil,put in a deep baking pan then cover pan with tin foil.
Bake on 350 according to directions on turkey for weight. Take out 1 hour early if you want to stuff your bird.
Saute onions and celery in 2 tbls butter and 3 tbls olive oil until very tender,let cool.I chop mine in a food processer,I like the flavor but I don't like chunks of celery or onion.
Mix corn bread and bread add 4 eggs mix,celery and onions mix,poultry seasoning,sage,creole seasoning mix. Add 1/2 of chicken stock mix.
You want let your dressing set for a while,stirring every 20 to 30 min., add more stock if needed, as the bread soaks up the juice.
When you take your turkey out of the oven take off the tin foil an very carefully dip out broth in dressing about 2 or 3 cups.You want it very moist but not soupy. Mix well.Add more sage or poultry seasoning if needed.
Drain as much broth out of pan as you can if you are stuffing your turkey.Fill cavity of turkey,put the rest of dressing around turkey.Return turkey and dressing to oven uncovered.Bake on 350 for an hour, if turkey starts to get to brown tent tin foil over it.
Giblet Gravy:
Put your giblets in sauce pan,cover w/2cups water add 2 chicken bouillon cubes,4 tbls. butter,bring to boil,turn to simmer and let cook about 1 hour until giblets or done.While giblets cook boil 2 eggs,peel an chop.
Take giblets out of broth and chop in small dice.If you don't want the giblets in your gravy discard.
Put 4 tbls.of flour in bowl,add enough water to make a loose paste add to giblet broth while whisking as you add.You may have some lumps, just keep stirring they will disappear.Simmer until it thickens (if it gets to thick thin w/chicken broth or broth from turkey)Salt and pepper to taste. Turn off heat then add chopped eggs and giblets.

About this Recipe

Course/Dish: Chicken, Turkey
Main Ingredient: Turkey
Regional Style: American

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Nancy Rozek nerozek
Sep 4, 2011
LOL, oh Linda I am so glad I asked. I am going to try it, I'll let you know. I am on a strict diet regimen for awhile, but I am already lining up the food dishes for the holiday and yours is one of them :-) Thanks so much for sharing. P.S. I was willing to join the Ya Ya Sisterhood or whatever it took to get the secret LOL.
Linda Woodham fancygran
Sep 4, 2011
LOL Nancy, guess I have to give up the secret. Its corn bread. wouldn't be dressing in the south without corn bread. Sorry I read over everything 2 or 3 times don't know how I missed it thanks for calling this to my attention.Hope you try this recipe and enjoy it
Nancy Rozek nerozek
Sep 3, 2011
This looks amazing! I have one question about the second ingredient, 1 "9", is that a typo or a secret southern thing? I am totally clueless :-)