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my delicious meat patties/ puerto rican pastelillos

By rosa rivera cookie23

these are ,real tasty meat patties that u could make for friends ,for ur kids and parties

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1 lb
chopped meat/ beef or chicken
geen pepper/chopped
1 small
onion chopped
3 clove
garlic minced
1 tsp
dry oregano
1/2 tsp
cilantro, dried
1 Tbsp
adobo powder
1 pkg
sazon w/ culantro and achiote
1/2 tsp
hot pepper sauce
salt to taste if needed
corn oil for frying
1/4 c
pimento stuffed olives
1 Tbsp
tomato paste
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Directions Step-By-Step

put in a sauce pan the choped meat ,at medium heat put onions ,green pepper choped and minced garlic, also add cilantro dried and oregano 1 tablesoon of adobo seasoning and package of sazon w/ culantro and achiote annato for red color,also 2 tablespoon pimento olives,and tomato paste. stir with large spoon ,make sure eveything is blended taste and if you like it like that then don't add the salt, cover let meat cook at low heat,for 15 minutes. see if tender and well cook ,if too much extra oil drain and put aside ,ready to form the meat patties. take 1 disc dough for meat patties add 2 tablesppons fold with a fork press edges in one side and the other, do the same for all the pastelillo dic, when formed heat the oil and add 2 at a time at midium heat ,turning so it won't get darkend , just till golden brown, when finish arrange them in a flat plate and serve to ur kids or guess. makes 10 but if you want more , then double the amount, and buy more pattie disc. hope you enjoy this recepi, bon appettite.

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