Loaded Potato Wedges

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1 lb mild ground italian sausage
1 lb john soules foods chicken fajitas meat
1 24oz. bag tj farms select seasoned potato wedges
1 16oz bag taco and nacho shredded cheese
bacon bits
sour cream

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Holli's notes for this recipe:
I have been making so many different JAP recipes lately and finally ran out of what I had printed. I found myself not having a lot of time to get dinner on the table hence searching the freezer on what to make, when this quick and easy recipe was born. My family loved it and said I should post it.
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The bag of potato wedges is 24 0z but I only used about 3/4 of the bag. Put the potato wedges divided into two 13x9 inch glass pans. If using a dark colored pan you may have to spray it lightly with cooking spray first. bake as directed on bags instructions but only half the time (10 mins)
While the potatoes are baking defrost your chicken fajita meat in the microwave completely and cook your italian sausage on the stove top til browned completely.
Take out your potato wedges. Add chicken pieces broken up into bite size pieces to one pan add italian sausage to the other. cover each with 1/2 the bag of cheese and put back in the oven for 10 more mins.
I added bacon bits to the chicken pan and offered sour cream to add to either dish for whoever wants it(as my hubby is lactose intollerant)(: enjoy!
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